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Our Miracle Pet Mats are infused with the healing mineral Tourmaline that help to increase serotonin levels which has a calming effect on pets and humans. The mats can be used to help soothe stressed animals at home, and during transport or travel.


Product Disclaimer: These products contain Tourmaline. Tourmaline generates far-infrared energy and negative ions, which have been shown to have the mentioned benefits.”


Order Confirmations

You may receive an email confirmation once your order has been successfully placed–it will include your order number and shipping method. Please make sure your shipping address is correct as we are unable to redirect goods once they are on route to you.


Orders can take up to (2) business days to be processed and shipped. Once your order is prepared for shipment you will receive a shipping confirmation email with your tracking information.


Where We Ship

We currently ship to residential and commercial addresses within the continental United States. 


Shipping Costs

Standard shipping (1 to 7)  business day transit on all orders. A shipping fee will be added to your order during checkout. Please note that order processing may take up to (2) business days after the order is placed for standard shipping.


More info

Tourmaline is a therapeutic mineral that has been used for millennia around the world. The nanometer-sized tourmaline particles that are infused into our Miracle Pet Mat are directly bonded to the fibers of the material. They absorb the pet’s body heat and send that energy back into the pet’s body in the form of far infrared energy.


The tourmaline in the Miracle Pet Mat also produces negative ions that encourage a more alkaline environment in the pet’s body. Alkalinity promotes healing at a more rapid rate. Other benefits of negative ions include antioxidant properties and reduction of inflammation, as well as increased blood flow and increased blood oxygen levels.


Collectively, these benefits encourage a more rapid recovery from physical activities. The Miracle Pet Mat can line a pet bed, be placed on the floor of a pet crate or be placed directly on the floor. They are made of double-sided poly-blend fabric. They are plush, cozy and durable. To clean, simply wash and tumble dry.


Owners of the Miracle Pet Mat have reported that their pets are significantly calmer during transport, as well as on a daily basis. Tourmaline has been shown to produce more alpha waves. Alpha waves encourage restful sleep.


The tourmaline also helps to increase serotonin levels. Serotonin is called the “feel good hormone.” Increased serotonin has a calming effect on both pets and humans.​

The Miracle Pet Mat

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